Child killed by runaway truck

October 28, 2019
The taxi that was crushed by the garbage truck.
Persons on the scene mourn the student who was crushed.
The overturned garbage truck.

Sunset on Monday saw parents rushing to Clan Carthy Primary School on Deanery Road in St Andrew this afternoon to check on their children, after a freak accident at the school resulted in the death of one of the pupils.

THE STAR understands that a garbage truck got out of control, hit a taxi that was parked on the compound and then hit two students, one of whom died.

As news of the incident spread, parents were seen dashing to the school to see if their children were involved.

Relieved parents hugged their children tightly even as they mourned the death of the young boy.

Members of staff cried openly as the fire service was called in to help retrieve the child's body.

The whereabouts of the garbage truck driver are not immediately known.