Xodus Remedy set for Saturday

December 13, 2019
Lovely ladies are a given at any Xodus event.
Lovely ladies are a given at any Xodus event.
Friends enjoying a previous staging of Remedy.
Friends enjoying a previous staging of Remedy.

Jamaican carnival band Xodus invites revellers for a precursor to its 2020 Carnival festivities with its event 'Remedy' the ultimate soca fete.

Xodus Remedy is set to take place on December 14 at Janga's Sound Bar on Belmont Road in Kingston.

Organisers are promising that Xodus revellers will experience the 'extra strength soca fix' with musical stylings from a special guest DJ.

Xodus Remedy is one of the last soca events before local Christmas events take precedence.

"Xodus Remedy is the ultimate prescription for soca lovers. It's the perfect mix of a lyme and party experience and promises to be a real treat," said Carlos Phillpotts, director of marketing and public relations, Dream Entertainment. "Xodus band is the king of carnival in Jamaica and we're known for bringing out of the box ideas and being incredibly creative. As an added treat, one lucky attendee will win US$100 off the costume of their choice, so that is just one of the many reasons why Remedy is the only place you need to be this weekend," he said.

Looking to top its record breaking 2019 numbers, the band says carnival in Jamaica 2020 will be an event of epic proportions.

"The fetes, lymes and parties are all apart of how we create a unique experience for our Xodus family. From band launch straight up to the road parade, it really is the best vibe, and the way our patrons react is testament to this. We already have a number of sold-out costume options so certainly the stage has been set for 2020," said Phillpotts.

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